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Mortal Kombat: Origins Reborn 2
Chapter Two - (Mechanical Observe Effect)
Seeing as how Earth was a planet that was a focal point of Edenia to recruiting warriors and Outworld to merge it's Kingdom with natural resources of the realm, Raiden and the Elder Gods out of concern for the fabric of time and space binding together again and allowing rise of the One Being devised the tournaments.
The realms in conflict that seemed host Mortal Kombat to keep reality stable for many years worked until it became so numerous and powerful that it displaced science laws as we knew them. Positive and Negative forces crisscrossed even whole dead and alive alien pockets of energy were teleported into alternating rifts.
Messengers both from forces of light or forces of dark developed relationships with mortals, chief defenders and Elder Gods alike spread legends. The Benevolent or Kindly were operating just as much as Malevolent or Spiteful. The Splatterhouse Dimension could be described as Positive Reality on
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Mortal Kombat: Origins Reborn
The Universal structure of time and space accounts what is known as an
alternate dimension. Some are vaguely understood in theory, the Quantum
Theory states merely by witnessing an experiment we change the outcome.
Mirror Matter Theory indicates that like Newton’s 3rd law every Action
has an equal and opposing reaction. Most recent advances in Complex
Systems say that particles and/or Gene evolution are only an
approximation of the working facts. Essentially in layman's terms: All
existence is chaos but favors symmetry, order comes into play either
because one cannot exist without the other, or because with random
changing patterns sometimes every now and then order is observed. This
is all just theoretical, relatively chaos would become order if there
was no order, just as if there is no evil there can be no good.
Chapter One - (Quantum Entanglement)
The Genesis of Mortal Kombat started with The One Being and Seven Elder Gods who over through it. The One Being sustaine
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Ending Sequence
Legal Notice:
Mansion Of Madness © is a registered title. All typing and writing publications are to be used only with the consent of Brandon A. C. Kilgore. Any copies that are used without the expressed written permission of it’s owner are subject to confiscation.
If you would like a full written copy with an exclusive autograph, Unused Pictures and Story Ideas please feel free to email or send a Message to YouTube or FaceBook. Although the pictures will likely take a while since the disk they are saved to was damaged in the move. Money is needed to repair the files and donations are not activated yet. Depending on the support of the finished product, remember to leave comments or suggestions if you want to help.
Herbert West: Reanimator is based off of the short stories from H.P. Lovecraft
The mitochondria or microorganism concept was based off of Parasite Eve and is property of Square Enix inspired by the Author Hideaki Sena. The Omni Cube theory w
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The Mansion of Madness
The Mansion of Madness
Part 1 of 3
January 1979
A studious man apparently atheist by natured, seemingly has a queer appreciation with lodges related to theological secrets moved into an abandon home reopens, cleans, and puts all the piping and electrical work into code, locals whisper of how he inherits a house that is devoid.  The virtually out of town unknown moved several loads of supplies into the structure at night.  The putrid smelling cylindrical containers cause local wildlife to hiss, howl, and do all kinds of unsettling actions and noise that night.  The Television 9 Station-BHSL-News reported the name of Doctor Herbert West was the one who moved in nobody could disprove it really.
The most commonly registered story was either that Herbert West's assistant was still living as a revenant unable to join the rest of the tomb legion.  Trapped withi
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Verbose Splatterhouse introduction
Madam Jennifer Willis: "I am glad to accept the offer of publically speaking what I strongly want to occur at this very moment. What I want to occur at this very moment is for the two of us to have a bond that will last us past our unfortunate demises up to the point that this very planet we live on were to, alas, have a similar fate befall upon it."
Music: (5:00)
[sounds of bodily fluids' surfaces being suddenly disturbed]
Sir Richard Taylor: "Madam Jennifer... My most sincerest apologies..."
A possessed facial accessory said to be of fear to a quite exceeding degree: "Allow me to remind you that a certain man I would be speaking of made off with the female you have chosen to be your significant other without you allowing him to, Sir Richard. That certain man made off with what you strongly wanted to occur soon as well without you allowing him to. To conclude, that certain man also made off with the later events that would occur, befalling a
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Hellraiser: Dangerous Game
Dangerous Game
It had been a long day for Kirsty as she was walking back towards her apartment after what seem like forever and wanting nothing more than to take it easy and relax.
Today seem to have taken the life out of her after having to attend her husband's funeral and then having the after party to attend, taking everyone's grief and support before everyone finally left and she was allowed to go home for the night.
The whole place seems so quiet and empty, almost void of any life at all now with her husband dead and she a grieving widow left in its' place.
Well not so much in grievance, more like glad to have finally get rid of that scumbag she had called her husband. And good riddance, she thought as she step in and went towards the kitchen to grab herself a cold bottle of wine.
She stood in front of the fridge and saw the picture taped there of her and Trevor and taking it off the door and holding it in her hand.
She could not believe what a fool she'd been thinking she knew ab
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I thank you Adam, Derek, Kristy, and Joseph and I am sorry.

Congratulations Dell and Microsoft, Together you have defeated what little good had occupied my soul.  I know that from the outside someone could look at me a 32 Year Old now unemployed male.  Then scoff at a stereotype of how I probably live in my parents’ attic, toke up on grass, and look at pictures of nudity, and drink beer still single and only getting exercise when I watch Hockey or Basketball and play a Movie. 

I'm sure it looks like I'm just trying to make myself sound more talented than I am; However I've spent a lifetime of working harder than others in High School, watching the beautiful people go on to have fun getting laid and being allowed to squeak into an Ivy League school, but when I wasn't "Learning" *with teachers that would mark correct answers wrong because they just got pleasure out of watching people like me hurt, I was mowing yards and cleaning dishes, or having to prepare camp for delinquents and translate Calligraphy.  After working at Citibank and having my storage unit vandalized as well as twice having a gun pointed at me I started wondering about curses.  I don't think of myself as superstitious, after my Ford and Mitsubishi experience -but I guess I am since those vehicles were evil and obviously cursed items.  My car’s engine blew up!

Anyway I need a reason to keep doing this.  Due to the actions of my Property manager although I
do not wish to dwell on the past but I must point out the hypocrisy of Betty Jones.  I do realize that she is retiring in March, I don’t think it is asking too much to not have insults about my handicap weather Mental or Physical brought to my attention.  I only asked for her to return a phone call, when that wasn’t done I asked for an apology only to be told she had nothing to be sorry for.  I explained in detail of the total of 9 times I’d turned in medical paperwork Betty Jones lost.  She didn’t remember that; I mentioned the videotape that they refused to review about Dee and Brian.  Again she had no recollection of this.  Finally the appointments she didn’t show up to as well as lies about automatic payments.  I wager with all my issues that I don’t really have any room to judge someone for being a pathological – compulsive liar, however since Interfaith Community is a Center representing Church I’m extremely offended that a person boasting about expertise in her position was in charge of my Data and Info.  I sincerely hope the future of employees are less prideful.   I wish that people out there lived for a week as what this kind of lifestyle or thing is like.  I might one day be able to put the rest of this together, but I can only now offer my word that until then...  Also to any that are concerned I have a single fantasy magazine Heavy Metal if you call that nudity, I did not and do not plan on smoking Pot, I don't drink, I try to eat kosher, and I haven't lived with my Mom and Dad for quite sometime now. 

But it all adds up to this I can't afford to keep up writing computers only evolve by getting less and less work done,  it's not compatible and this modern "progress" has made me not able to put my work on the web here.  So it isn't fun anymore.  Nobody cares and I'm sure it will get twisted around by anyone reading this that I have mentioned about that they all are accepting responsibility and I'm the fool.  Well Adams County Housing Authority and Wellspan have to be judged for their actions.  But I wont be oppressed any longer. 



Brandon A. C. Kilgore
United States
I was born in Johnson City, New York. June-15-1984 I then lived in Ypsilanti Michigan. then my family traveled to Fairfield, Pennsylvania. I also visited the United Kingdom & Canada. The first time I lived on my own was in Portland, Oregon after the 2008 economic collapse I moved back to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I met my girlfriend in Taiwan the Republic Of China I hope to move back to Taiwan permanently.


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